Image modification online

Creating images with multiple levels of transparency, translucency.
Using the alpha channel, 256 levels of transparency are possible, ranging from 0% of transparency (opaque), ..., 10%, 20%, ..., 50% of transparency, up to 100% of transparency.

Feel free, to use the image modification tool on this webpage, to create your partial transparent, translucent png portable network graphics images.

Introduction of the tool

03:29 min:sec, HD

This video is a teaser and it also describes how to create partial transparent, translucent images with the online tool below.

Structure of this website
This website is structured in the following way:
  • The advantages of partial transparent or translucent images
  • Input of the online tool
  • Example of input and output
  • Processing time
  • Constraints of the online tool
  • The online tool:
    procedure and output
  • Please support this website
  • Your feedback

The advantages
of partial transparent or
translucent images
Among other things images with partial transparency or translucency overcome some limitations of images with only one transparent color possible, like .gif format (graphics interchange format).
The designer is able:
  • To create soft edges, which blend into their background, similar to the effect of anti-aliasing.
  • To create transparent areas,
    • which look like colored glass and
    • which are transparent, not only to one color, but also to all other colors of the background.
    • ...
Feel free, to change the background color with the interactive color picker below and watch the effect on the semi-transparent image to the left of it.
Two images are necessary with the same width and height, measured in pixels. Both images do NOT need any alpha channel (layer with transparency information). A maximum color depth of 24 bit is fine.
  • The first image defines the colors.
  • The second image is the transparency mask or transparency map.
    It is a modification of the 1st image and defines the levels of transparency of the 1st image, in 256 levels of grayscale, ranging from opaque to fully transparent.
    For example:
    • a pixel in white (rgb value of 255) in the 2nd image defines fully transparency of the pixel at the same position in the 1st image,
    • a pixel in black (rgb value of 0) defines opaque and a
    • a gray pixel with a value of rgb = 178 is similar to 70% of transparency.
of input and output
An example of 2 input images, the resulting merged partial transparent output image and an interactive color picker, to experiment with.

transparency mask, transparency map
1st image for input:
This is the first image, which defines the colors. In this example it is a 24 bit depth .jpg image.
2nd image for input:
This is the second image, which defines the transparency mask. In this example it is a 24 bit depth .jpg image.
semi transparent translucent png image with up to 256 levels of transparency translucency
The result is this merged semi-transparent, partial transparent 32 bit depth .png image based on the 1st and 2nd image. Color picker:
Click into the image above, to select a different background color for the image to the left.
Processing time The time until your merged image is ready for download, is determined by the following factors:
  • the upload speed of your internet connection,
    e.g. 2 images of 3 mb each, might last between 20 to 60 seconds for upload
  • your waiting position in the processing batch / queue and
  • some additional 2 to 6 seconds of image processing time, depending on the resolution of your input images.
As a rule of thumb, the whole process should not last longer than 90 seconds.
Constraints Please consider the following constraints, when using the online tool:
  • the image processing is limited to images with a maximum size of 2048 x 2048 pixels
  • the file size of each image is limited to 3 mb, which enables using e.g. bitmap bmp image files with a resolution up to 1024 x 1024 pixels and a color depth of 24 bit
  • supported image file types are: .bmp, .gif, .jpg, .jpeg, .png, .tga, .tif, .tiff
  • alpha channels (transparency information) of the 2 input images are not considered
  • the maximum processing time, until the merged image is ready for download, is limited to 120 seconds by the server.
The online tool:
procedure and output
After both images are uploaded, they will be merged into each other. The resulting image for download is a 32 bit .png (portable network graphics) file with an alpha channel, defining the transparency, translucency.
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